Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post-Armageddon Report Pt III

Hi All,
Okay, this is the last Post-Armageddon Report... any more and I'll probably be doing them from Supanova...
I've just posted the last batch of pics from Day 2 of Armageddon on our Facebook Page. Some really cool costumes, especially Steve Scholz's Sucker Punch Mech suit. Simply awesome!! And of course there's the rest of the Mo Fo Army recruits having fun with their guns! That was a lot of fun to watch. On the Monday morning after Armageddon, Dave and I hit a few stores in Melbourne, and then after our hands stopped hurting, we went inside and dropped off a few flyers to promote TLOSLMF. So thanks to everyone at Minotaur, All Star Comics, Of Science And Swords, Classic Comics and Blasphemy. And now... a few pics...

Amazing Original Costume... pity I missed getting a shot with the wings attached.
Steve Scholz in Sucker Punch Mech! Awesome!
Mo Fos love their guns!
Mo Fos @ Classic Comics
Mo Fos @ Minotaur
Mo Fos @ All Star Comics
Mo Fos @ Of Science And Swords
Mo Fos @ Blasphemy

Well, that's all folks in regards to our huge Melbourne Armageddon trip. Dave and I just want to give an extra shout out to Steve and Catherine Scholz and David Draven (Steve and David seen earlier as Mad Max and Snake Pliskin) for helping to make our celebratory drinks/launch night such an awesome success!

And now, a quick update on the launch of the website, and the first installment of TLOSLMF... it's coming! Very soon! Days away even!

Cheers all,

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