Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post-Armageddon Report Pt 1.

Howdy all,

Just a quick update to say thanks to all the Mo Fos who dropped by our stand at last weekend's Armageddon Expo in Melbourne! We had a fantastic time, and the response to Spacelord Mo Fo was... well, it was mind-blowingly cool! I'm posting a few of the best photos from the Expo here, the rest can be found at our Facebook page

Our stand! 
We were down the back there... somewhere after the fifteen thousand people who attended! 
And a few new recruits for the Mo Fo Army! 

As for the actual Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo Cinegraphic Novel, Dave and I are racing to get the first bunch of panels complete so the Official Website can go live this weekend with the first installment of Episode 1! Yay!!

More Armageddon updates to come!

Cheers all!


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