Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brisbane Supanova Spacelord Mo Fo Launch Countdown Is Go!

* because any excuse to play the Thunderbirds Intro music is a good excuse...

Right then... Howdy All,
Yes! We've mostly recovered from Armageddon just in time for Supanova! How the planet survived the first still puzzles me, but, hey, sometimes you just have to go with the narrative. Now, before we get into the Supanova biz, here's a quick update on what's happening with the Spacelordmofo website and the comic. Technical issues have delayed the official 'go' of the website. Our dedicated team of web gurus, well, our web guy, is busy ironing out the bugs, and we're told it's almost ready... and then, we'll be able to release the first installment of Episode 1 of The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo! and we join you in quoting our favorite Richter, 'It's about god damned time!'
Now, onto Supanova...
The Supanova Brisbane Launch of The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is only days away, and we can't wait to get there, because when those doors open and the 25,000 crazed fans of all things pop culture storm the hall, well... you know, now that I'm typing this, um... it's gonna be quite scary really. Think about it, that many different fan factions all crammed into one giant hall, together. Holy Shit! It's gonna be a wall to wall Jedi vs Vulcan, Batmen vs Ironmen, Totoro vs Chesire Cat, fan-crazy smackdown!! And right there in the middle of it all, will be Spacelord Mo Fo. 
Yes, we're gonna have to do our bit to keep the crazy to a minimum, or just usefully directed. How so, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did.
We're goin' all out in our effort to spread the Mo Fo word! First of all, there's the FREE T-SHIRT PROMOTION! ... AGAIN! Yes, if you get to our stand early enough on Saturday and Sunday (we only have TEN freebies)... and provided you're going to be at Supanova all day... and don't mind wearing the T-shirt... and having your picture taken... while playing with guns... like these cool Mo Fos...

 ... then, we'll be happy to give you a FREE 'Have You Seen This Mo Fo? T-Shirt.
Now, even if you miss out on the Free T-Shirt Promotion, we're doing a SUPANOVA ONLY sale of all of our T-Shirts for only $10! We want the to see Mo Fos and Gun Lovers and Bad Kitty's everywhere, so don't you go feeling guilty about only paying $10... 'cause we're happy to use you as our walking advertisement boards! 
We're also doing a 'Whole Mo Fo Package' deal on all of our Postcards and Magnets, and seein' as a picture speaks a thousand words...
So, if you're in Brisbane, and you're going to Supanova, make sure you pay us a visit, because we really are friendly people, and we think you'll really like to hear about the Mo Fo! Hell, you may be so impressed, you'll want to follow the cinegraphic novel series online... for free!... er... when the website is up... very soon! We promise!

Cheers all,

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