Saturday, February 18, 2012

Part 4 of Episode 1 of the Mo Fo is GO! the people who by some strange act of fate are reading this from the otherwise uninhabited Howland Island just north of the equator in the central Pacific Ocean (thank you Wikipedia) where it's only 11.59pm on February the 17th - we made it! We hit our deadline!! To the rest of you, thanks for being patient... Part 4 of Episode 1 of the Mo Fo is live and ready to rock your eyeballs!
And if you'd like to see the Mo Fo from the beginning then click HERE...

Part 4 of Episode 1 is supported by In Flesh and Spirit, Written by Baron Misuraca, with Pencils and Ink by the Mo Fo's very own, David G. Williams, and Tones by Jarreau Wimberly -- 

Gothic sensibility, Vampires, the undead, and rock and roll...what more can you ask for!
Bone Digger – Horror News

Due to work commitments, Part 5 comes out Saturday, 25th February... not quite the same Mo Fo time... but still the same Mo Fo channel!
Cheers all!
Pat and Dave

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