Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A memory lane filled with guns, girls, and reaper robots...

While we busy at plotting ways for the Mo Fo to achieve complete global domination, we thought we'd post a bit of nostalgia. Seen here in a moment of peaceful reflection is Kysan Tate, a character from the first comic project that we worked on together 15 years ago... unlike the Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo, Kysan Tate wasn't a love story. Let's just say the series was going to be about Kysan working through personal space issues...
Kysan Tate was part of a series being developed by Ascendency Worlds (Pat being the head writer), as part of their Cogal project. A second comic was called, John Nine, and was an adaption of the Cogal novel, The Unknown Soldier, written by Sean Williams and Shane Dix, published in 1995 by Aphelion Publications (The Unknown Soldier was rewritten by Sean and Shane and released as The Prodigal Son as part of their Evergence Trilogy). Dave completed six full pages of art for John Nine, before the entire project collapsed under the weight of its own ambition (as Pat has since discovered, it's hard enough producing one Cinegraphic Novel, let alone trying to produce a Role Playing Game, four Comic Titles, two Book Trilogies, and a Computer Game all at the same time, without any funds, and all from a spare room being used as an office space... but that's another story...).
Here are three pages of Dave's art from John Nine -

You can see the rest of Dave's John Nine art at his website HERE.
A third comic in the series was, Arena, about teams competing in a galactic robot combat sport called, yes, you guessed it, Arena! The first piece of art featured below is by Michal Dutkiewicz, Pat's collaborator on the illustrated novel series, Angelwitch... with some color touch ups and a basic title done by Pat.
And Dave did produce a rather bitchin' concept piece for the Reaper Robot...
Hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane, now we'd better get back to finishing up the art for Part 4 of the Mo Fo... check it out, Friday 17th!
Cheers all,
Pat and Dave.

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