Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post-Supanova Brisbane Report (the second one). We went. We saw. We kicked... ah, you know the rest...

Howdy All,
The Mo Fo invasion of Supanova Brisbane 2011 (the second one) is over. All objectives were reached... the objectives being to get the Mo Fo seen by as many people as we possibly could, and to catch up with all the other cool creatives attending Oz's biggest Pop Culture Expo! I'm told numbers were down on the April Supanova, but it still seemed pretty awesome to a couple of guys from little 'ole' Adelaide.
We did our free T-Shirt promotion again (see a few pics below... and on our Facebook page), sold a bunch more (yay!) and just had a very cool time of it!
For those who dropped by the stand, or were so verbally encouraged until they stopped to see what the fuss was all about, thanks for taking some time to check out our big little project. Getting such cool and positive feedback ... well, except for that one guy... yeah, you know who you are!... was the best part of our Expo experience!
And now... a few Expo snaps...
Darren from Dark Oz, the Mo Fos and Paul Abstruse
Xena and the Mo Fos... hey, sounds like an awesome band!!
Getting his Mo Fo on!
 Photobombing the Mo Fos!
 Mo Fos with Bruce, and Drew Close of Golden Age
Que Jeffster's 'Blaze of Glory!' 
And people said I was crazy when I said I've got this character, Scratch, who dresses in pink bows and white frills! - "Like that would ever happen!"
And for those who don't know Jeffster from 'Chuck'... shame on you... here's some educatin'

And lastly... an update on the saga of the official Mo Fo website. We're very close to launching! So, keep watching the MoFoBlog!
Cheers all,

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