Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update on Part 16... and a couple of busy, busy Mo Fos!

Howdy All,
Good news is the finale to Episode 1 of the Mo Fo, Part 16, is shaping up to be as big as, if not bigger than Part 15, and it's going to be every bit as guns-blazingly explosive!

Bad news is... it's taking a lot of time and effort to get it finished. And if we weren't spending crazy enough hours on the Mo Fo already, Dave and I both have other 'projects' we're working on in the daylight hours.

"Other 'projects'?" you're no doubt asking (and if not, then now's the time). Well, thank you for asking, and why don't I tell you about them...

Dave is having his first solo exhibition titled 'Trans-' for the SALA Festival opening on the 3rd of August at Cafe Foreyou on Lipson. It runs till August 26th so drop in to the cafe, buy a coffee from Gail then buy a painting created by Dave. Live it up ;) — at Cafe Foreyou on Lipson... that's in Adelaide, South Australia in case you were wondering...

Click HERE for the show's listing on the official Sala Festival website.

And I (Pat) have just completed writing Angelwitch Book Two: Triumvirate, the next volume in the huge illustrated novel series I've co-developed for Angel Phoenix Media with supanova of an artist, Michal Dutkiewicz. Book One: Dragonscarpe has also undergone a complete revamp, with stunning all-new art by Michal added to the epic amount of amazing works seen previously.
Not to be left out of the Angel Phoenix Media party... Dave produced the cover art and design for, The Pandora Sequence, by writer Alexander James (Blake's 7 reboot).
All three books will be released by Angel Phoenix Media 3rd Quarter 2012. We'll post updates as we know more specific dates.
And there you have it... all the latest 'other projects' Dave and I have been working on recently. Now, back to the Mo Fo... and his face off with a group of Bad Kittys... 
* Sidenote... must discover the correct terminology for describing a group of bad kittys...
Cheers All,
Pat and Dave

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