Monday, May 21, 2012

Part 14 of Episode 1 of the Mo Fo is GO!

Part 14 of Episode 1 of the Mo Fo is GO! We're two huge Parts away from the end of Episode 1, and you could cut the tension with a phased plasma blast... and it looks like someone just did!

And if you'd like to read or download the Mo Fo from the beginning, click HERE.

Part 14 is supported by the awesomely talented John Narcomey (Draw Hard Studio - Thanks John!

The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo, Episode 1's penultimate Part 15, featuring the amazing work of Glenn Lumsden, is going to be a massive double-sized Part - so check back here soon for confirmation of the release date.
Cheers all,
Pat and Dave!

"The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is an ass-kickingly kick-ass post-apocalyptic, space-western dramedy, with anime influences and a bit of that dark and sexy HBO stuff... but really, it's a love story... No... Really! Oh, and as an Advisory Warning ... it's for a more mature audience... well, not for 'kids' anyway... not really sure about the 'mature' part."
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