Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oz-Comic Con + the Downloadable and Subscribable Mo Fo!

Howdy All,
Last weekend was Adelaide's first, Oz Comic-Con, and where we had an optimistic hope for a crowd of 8,000-10,000 something crazy must have been in the water because 18,000 decided to turn up! It was a huge day!! And we had front row seats to the fantastic madness!
Gangs all here! The Mo Fos, with fantasy artist, Emerson Ward (left) and Darren Koziel of Dark Oz (right)
Cosplay Cool at Oz Comic-Con
Cool Cat... or Bad Kitty!

The ultimate cross-over adventure!
An evocative representation of the philosophical struggle between the universal forces of dark and light set against a popular culture canvas that is in itself a further deconstruction of the central themes explored within the context of a metaphorical examination of the underlying conceit evidenced in the artistic creations balanced and yet opposing one another in the background, suggesting that both are in of each other, merely archetypes the photographer has selected to convey his true message of, 'Hot Diggity!'
And the Mo Fo army gains another recruit!
Make that two recruits!
Fantastic steampunk Jack Sparrow with Steve Scholz
Check out the rest of our Oz Comic-Con photos HERE. And if you'd like to know more about it, friends of the Mo Fo, I Got Superpowers, have an awesome write-up of the event HERE.
Last weekend also saw the launch of the Downloadable edition of The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo. That's right, from now on, you can download every new Part of the Mo Fo as it's released each week so you can read it anywhere you damn please! Now, if downloading sounds like too much hard work, then you can also Subscribe to the Mo Fo, and each week, we'll send you each Part... for FREE!
Cheers All,
Pat and Dave!

"The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is an ass-kickingly kick-ass post-apocalyptic, space-western dramedy, with anime influences and a bit of that dark and sexy HBO stuff... but really, it's a love story... No... Really! Oh, and as an Advisory Warning ... it's for a more mature audience... well, not for 'kids' anyway... not really sure about the 'mature' part."

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